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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Ian Frost

Executive Principal

Life’s too short not to pursue what you love and practice getting  better at it. I wasn’t inspired at school but I worked hard, got myself into Durham University where I read geography and played cricket. From there I flew to Zimbabwe…

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Stuart Allen

Vice Principal

Growing up with two teachers as parents, I never wanted to be a teacher! That was until I took a temporary job as a Teaching Assistant and fell in love with the teaching profession. It is a privilege to work…

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Andy Vinton

Vice Principal

Vice Principal – Behaviour and Ethos I have been in teaching for nearly 20 years and worked at schools in Walsall, Gloucester and Bristol. My passion has and will always be working with young people to support and nurture the…

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Alex Trainer

Assistant Principal

I have never been happier than when in a library so following a degree course in English literature was inevitable.  During my studies I developed a particular love of literature that aims to bring about social or political change and…

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Michael Santos

Assistant Principal

I hail from the ‘Great White North’. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Philosophy, Religion and History. I have over 12 years teaching experience (in Scotland and England) and am passionate about helping pupils reach…

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Emile Pinco

Assistant Principal and Head of Maths

My father was a teacher so I was determined to forge my own way in the world and avoid teaching at all costs.  Fortunately, during my first year at University I coached basketball for a community youth team and found…

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Ben Craig

Director of 6th Form (Extended SLT)

I graduated from the University of Warwick with a first class degree in Psychology and a passion for media fostered through several years working on the university’s student radio station.  When not studying, playing sport or working in the radio…

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Andy Prout

SENDCo (Extended SLT)

44I moved to Gloucestershire from West Wales in 2003 and have never quite found my way back across the Severn Bridge! Graduating from the University of Gloucestershire with a BSc Hons Degree in Sports Education and Sports Management, I continued…

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Mandy Pugh

Safeguarding Lead (Extended SLT)

I trained as a Connexions Personal Advisor (Brunel University) and hold a Master’s Degree in Inclusive Education (University of Gloucestershire). My role is to train, guide and supervise around Safeguarding & Child Protection procedures. My experience in my previous role…

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Jim Stokes

Head of Hub Operations (Extended SLT)

As Head of Hub Operations I am responsible for the management of business operations, and I work across a number of schools within the White Horse Federation. A key part of my role is to ensure that the Academy is…

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Richard Wheatley

Progress Leader for Year 8, 9 & 10 (Extended SLT)

I graduated from the Loughborough University with a BA honours degree in Politics and English and a Masters degree in English. I had a number of romantic ideas for future career pathways but it was whilst working in China as…

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New Basics

  Faculty Leader
R Gleeson Acting faculty Leader
H Crocker Assistant Faculty Leader
K Burtwell Teacher
S Reid Teacher
V Robinson Teacher
N Hossain Teacher


E Hewer Faculty Leader
S Pugh Assistant Faculty Leader
E Broughton Assistant Faculty Leader
M Pandore Science Teacher
C Allison Science Teacher
N Stephens Science Teacher
S Willis Assistant Faculty Leader D & T
T O’Malley D & T Teacher
R Kefford Catering Teacher
S Clark Catering Teacher
M Bullivant Senior Science Technician
R Wijker D & T Technician
C Jeffrey Food Technician
P Ireland Food Technician


P Hopkins Faculty Leader
C Evans Assistant Faculty Leader
B Mitchell Geography Teacher
A Gouha Geography Teacher
L Bolton History Teacher
M Santos History Teacher
S Arden Business Studies Teacher
A Davies-Godsell Childcare/History Teacher


A Prout SENDCo
S Kelly Assistant SENDCo
P Woods Assistant SENDCo
A Bryan Classroom Support
J Davies Classroom Support
K Holmes Classroom Support
A Grant Classroom Support
S Stallard Classroom Support
L Dyer Classroom Support
C Taitt Classroom Support
F Cottrell Classroom Support
J Restler Classroom Support
S Caudron Arrivals & Languages/Cultural Dev Co-Ord
A Hartsoe EAL
A Willoughby EAL

Sixth Form

B Craig Head of Sixth form
G Wildsmith Pastoral/Admin

Business HR

C Burrell Senior Finance Officer
L Rutland HR Officer
C Allison HR/Cover Officer

IT Support

S Phillips Network Manager
  IT Technician


M Pugh Safeguarding Lead
D Mann Deputy Safeguarding Lead
C Stevenson Family Support Worker/Safeguarding Officer


C Oliver Librarian
S Brinkworth Librarian

Associate Staff

F Cutler PA to Exec Principal/Clerk to Governors
A Marshall Data Manager




S Clark Head of House Support


J Godsall Faculty Leader
V Towsnsend Assistant Faculty Leader
D Beard English Teacher
K Trivess English Teacher
E Takle English Teacher
R Wheatley English Teacher
A Clarke HLTA
S Evans Faculty Leader MFL
L Clark MFL Teacher
P Hopkins MFL Teacher

Mathematics And Computing

E Pinco Stand Leader (Secondment)
N Hitchman Assistant Faculty Leader
Y Muchunga Assistant Faculty Leader (mat)
D Readman MathsTeacher & Head of Aquila House
C Taiwo Maths Teacher
E Clerc Maths teacher
S Allen/A Vinton Maths Teacher
J Hobbis Maths Teacher
H Wurzer Maths Intervention
J Onakoya Maths Intervention
S Arden ICT & Head of Centaurus House
M Wade ICT

Physical Education & Performing Arts

A Sprosen Faculty Leader
C Elvin Assistant Faculty Leader PE
T Marks PE Teacher & Head of Pegasus House
S Exton PE Teacher & Head of Phoenix House
J Hobbis PE Teacher
J Patient Assistant Faculty Leader Art
D Willenz Art Teacher
A Harris Music teacher
H Crocker Drama Teacher
V Robinson Drama Teacher
D Almasi Art Technician

Alternative Day Provisions

E Fuller Faculty Leader
D Brooks HLTA
D Kawecka HLTA
P Smith HLTA


L Walter Admin & SIMS Manager
J Davies Admissions Officer
L Leaverland Attendance Officer
C Massey Attendance Improvement Officer
R Patel Muslim Pastoral Worker
E Stavert Receptionist
S Mullins Admin Assistant
M Mulla Community & Student Engagement Worker
F Brown Exams officer
F Midlane Reprographics/E Learning/Website/VLE


P Fowler Site Manager
P Hayward Site team
C Perez Site Team
T Hayward Housekeeper
C Bodman Cleaning Team
D Fishely Cleaning Team
T Frimpong Cleaning Team
T Johnson Cleaning Team
B Underwood Cleaning Team
J Wilson Cleaning Team
K Crew Cleaning Team
T Starr Catering Manager
S Allen Catering Team
S Farrell Catering Team
L Johnson Catering Team
P Mann Catering Team
S Spiers Catering Team
J Tanner Catering Team
D Williams Catering Team
J Hart Sports Centre Manager
J Potter Recreation Assistant
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