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The Curriculum

Our curriculum is very well designed to make sure that every child has the best chance of success by the time they leave at the end of year 11.

In our year 7, we use the New Basics curriculum.  Through this curriculum, all our students are helped to settle down into a large school environment and learn to become creative, critical and confident thinkers.  They do this by looking carefully at many of the difficult things that make up our complicated world.  English, Maths and PE are also delivered in year 7 using specialist teachers.  We do this to provide a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and sport.

Our aim is that by the end of year 7, all our students are ready to start their exciting and challenging curriculum in years 8 through to 11.

From year 8 onwards, every student will carry out studies in 8 compulsory areas we call Faculties.

Each faculty has a new learning journey for you to choose each semester (every nine weeks).

In year 11, students focus carefully on what they have learnt and prepare for their final exams.  We believe revision and examination techniques are very important.

If you have any questions are our curriculum, please contact Mr Allen, Vice Principal.

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