Academic Review Day

This year we have held two Academic Review Days to give you the opportunity to talk about your students progress.  These review days were held on the 24th November 2017 and 20th April 2018.



Feedback from parents

On Friday 24th November 2017

On Friday 24th November we held an Academic Review Day. The purpose of this day was to invite you and your child into the Academy for a short meeting with your child’s tutor or another key member of staff, in order to discuss progress across the whole curriculum so far this year. It was an opportunity to review achievements and set targets for the remainder of the year. Each appointment  lasted for approximately 15 minutes, and were available throughout the school day.

Prior to the Academic Review Day, every student completed a workbook which they brought to the meeting. This workbook provided the basis for the discussion, and was used to ensure a positive and constructive meeting took place. We would like to thank parents for helping and supporting their child to complete these.

KS3 Workbook-Yr7

KS3 Workbook Yr8 & 9

KS4 Workbook Yr10 & 11

KS5 Workbook Yr12 & 13

Please note: Students will not attend school on this day, other than when your child comes with you to the meeting, for which uniform should be worn. Although you will need to make arrangements for looking after your child, we will be organising work for your child to complete at home.

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