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Attendance:  01452 428827 • Attendance Text Line: 07624 817042




  • Don’t let your child miss out on the education they deserve.
  • Students with attendance at 90% or below, typically achieve an average of one grade lower than expectations across all subjects.

First Day Absence:

Parents are requested to phone the school before 8:15am and leave a message informing us that a child is absent. If a message has not been received by 10am, our Attendance Officer will contact the designated number.

Attendance Phone Line:  01452 428827  •  Attendance Text Line: 07860055976

Morning Registration:

Pupils should register promptly at 8:30am in their first lesson. Any pupils arriving after 8:30 must sign in at Reception. If a pupil arrives after 8:30am, this will be counted as an absence and an absence note is required to authorise this. If pupils arrive late to school and fail to sign in, it is likely that telephone calls will be made home to check on their whereabouts. We hope to avoid this by working together to ensure that pupils do follow the systems in place.

Fixed Term Penalty Notices:

Gloucestershire Local Authority has implemented a system of fines for parents of pupils who have 10 unauthorised absences within a 6 month period. Full details of this are included in the attendance pack.

School attendance and your legal responsibilities: Government Attendance website

Holidays in Term Time:

We urge parents to avoid taking pupils on holiday in term time as it can be disruptive, both to their education and to the school.  Holidays in term time can only be agreed by the Principal or someone with appropriate authority at their discretion. They can only agree to more than 10 school days’ absence in any school year in exceptional circumstances. Parents should discuss proposed holidays with the school before they book them.

We ask that holiday requests are made in writing to Mr Vinton as early as possible.

Holiday Request Form

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