The Glass in the Wall


The Glass in the Wall

Cheltenham Festivals First Story at Gloucester Academy
First Story is a charity that aims to celebrate and foster creativity, literacy and confidence in young people. Creative writing can build students’ self-esteem and aspirations. Acclaimed authors lead weekly after-school workshops for up to twenty-one students in state schools across the country. CFFS publish the students’ work in anthologies and arrange public readings and book launches at which the students can read aloud to friends, families and teachers.
We were ecstatic that a new group of Gloucester Academy students was to be given the opportunity, and privilege, to work towards a second poetry anthology The Glass in the Wall, having already experienced the process leading to the publication of Inside Our Heads (2015). It was a pleasure to collaborate with the Cheltenham Festivals First Story team, and our returning Writer-in-Residence, Alicia Stubbersfield.
‘The title of this anthology The Glass in the Wall is a metaphor for their creativity being allowed to shine through, and any reader will be delighted by the quality of that creativity. The writing is unfailingly perceptive,
imaginative and thoughtful.’
Alicia Stubbersfield (Gloucester Academy Writer-in-Residence)
The students will proudly showcase their writing on Wednesday 21st June (6.00 PM – 7.00 PM) in the Heartspace. Please R.S.V.P. to if you’d like to join in with the celebration. The students involved are a credit to our school. We burst with pride when reading the poetry and prose written by our extremely talented young writers. We are sure you will too.
Katy Trivess and Emma Takle (English Strand at Gloucester Academy)
What a School Boy Should Carry
First off you should have a pencil case to put equipment in.
Maybe a toy or two.
A book, easy enough to read.
Homework books that may be full of doodles.
No need for a phone or ID, you are just a kid.
No money, your parents have that.
Do not forget lunch.
Joy. Or boredom,
depending on your personality.
Pack imagination, make your bag full to bursting.
Blake Burford (Year 9)
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