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Chloe Parry

The Day I Met Hillary Clinton

The whole room fell quiet, full of young students who were about to get overwhelmed with both educational and influencial words from one of the worlds most powerful political women. Hillary was very confident in her  speech and focused strongly on sexism. She explained how women were highly pressured and questioned a lot by both the public and co-workers. She couldn’t stress more how the male political figures did not experience this nowhere near as much as the women do. ‘This is simply because they were men’ as explained by Hillary herself. Hillary also stated that women became more disliked as they gained more power, whereas men became more liked with the more power they earnt. Hillary did not hold back from what she had to say and stood strongly with her opinions. She definitely showed young girls and women that we all have the same potential and more than the men that live around us and that we should not stand down and keep working harder to achieve our goals in life. One of the girls at the speech had told me ‘Hillary had really inspired me today as I am sure she has for other girls too young or old which is important’. This just proves how powerful of a woman she is and that one little knock is not going to drag her down.





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