Dyslexia Awareness Week


Dyslexia Awareness Week

During Dyslexia Awareness Week, which runs from Monday 1st to Sunday
7th October, our children will be learning about the learning difficulty and
how it affects those who have it. For further details, read our full blog.

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that affects millions of people every day.
However, not everyone understands the nature of dyslexia. Over the next
week, our pupils will be taking part in Dyslexia Awareness Week to better
understand the learning difficulty and challenge common misconceptions so
they can become better supporters of those who have dyslexia.

According to the British Dyslexia Association (BDA), the driving force
behind Dyslexia Awareness Week, 10% of the British population are
dyslexic, 4% severely so. Despite the number of people who have dyslexia,
a large number of the population do not have an understanding of what
dyslexia is or the effects it has. It is this lack of understanding that often
presents unnecessary barriers for people with dyslexia.

Through Dyslexia Awareness Week, the BDA strives to improve knowledge
of the learning difficulty, raise awareness of how commonplace it is, and
alter the public perception of people with dyslexia. This starts with
education, and our lessons over the next week will contribute toward
making a change.

At Gloucester Academy, we understand just how important it is for dyslexia
to be identified swiftly. Children with dyslexia can experience stress, anxiety,
and low selfesteem due to the learning difficulty. The sooner the condition
is recognised, the quicker support can be provided and lessons tailored,
allowing us to help pupils develop at their own speed and in comfort.

A number of provisions are in place at our school to identify dyslexia and
deliver caring and effective support.

With our current framework, and activities being used to educate children
about dyslexia, we are working to remove the stigma attached to the
learning difficulty and provide the necessary support for our pupils with

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