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BBC NEWS SCHOOL REPORT – Feminism – An Inside Look

Feminism is a concerning subject to many audiences. Today we went around our school and asked thirteen students and teachers about their opinions on feminism. Out of everyone we asked, there were eight feminists and five non feminists, but all of them happen to agree that both genders deserve as much success, gratitude and rights as the opposite sex. Here is what some people stated when asked.

How do you feel about the gender pay gap?

“That it is unfair and everyone should have the same pay”

“Women should have the same pay as men”

Define feminism in your own words.

“It’s just women knowing that they deserve equal rights to men.”

Feminism is a controversial subject to many, and many believe that feminism is just turning into women being sexist to men. This however, is not true. Feminism is where people believe that both genders deserve equal rights.

Written by David, Harrison, Harry and Ryan

Report 13.24pm






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