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Everyone can learn maths to a high level — it depends on time and hard work.

Because of this, we set challenging work and give generous curriculum time to maths, ensuring students acquire skills as early as possible. Our highest attaining students have every opportunity to accelerate their progress in maths, achieve the highest grades, and consider maths at A-level.

We invest significantly in maths, from the latest textbooks to online resources. Our high-quality assessment programme enables us to track progress and pinpoint gaps. We use this information to quickly target our teaching. We recruit and develop the best maths teachers in order to provide a first-class learning experience for every student.

Maths Curriculum

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Best Way to Revise Maths

Practice questions and check them, use exercise books to find out how to answer questions, learn the formula sheet:

  1. Area of a circle.
  2. Circumference of a circle.
  3. Pythagoras’ theorem.
  4. Three trig ratios.
  5. Area of triangle = half base x height.
  6. Trapezium ½(a+b)h.
  7. Sin and cosine rule c2 = a2 + b2 – 2ab cos C.
  8. Parts of a circle: Circumference, radius, diameter, chord, tangent, sector, and segment.

Learn the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes; the first 15 prime numbers, first 15 square numbers, and first 5 cubed numbers; and the Fibonacci Sequence.

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