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Science at GA stimulates students using exciting, real-life contexts and investigations to study the ‘big ideas’ about how our universe works. GA students understand the world in which they live. The units encourage students to become scientifically literate, explore questions, and carry out experiments and relate them to everyday situations. We encourage students to make links between ideas, rather than teaching fragmented areas of science. Students can apply and extend their knowledge across topics and investigative skills.

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Best Way to Revise Science

  • Use the ANSWER Method. A = Ask questions, N = No cramming, S = Switch between topics, W = Words and visuals, E = Examples, R = Retrieval practice.
  • Use practice papers and mark schemes to see what you can remember and understand.
  • Make keyword glossaries and check that you can remember them by asking someone else to test you or by using flash cards.
  • Create model answers for six-mark questions and then memorise them.
  • Attend revision sessions regularly.
  • Convert diagrams into written explanations and vice versa.
  • Write down as much as you know about a topic and then check it using your revision guide or exercise book.
  • Do a little bit every day to avoid cramming at the end.
  • You will need to memorise a lot of information, so use revision programmes such as Tassomai, Gojimo, and Memrise to check that it’s in your head.

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