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Year 7 feels very different from the experience I had when I was at school, which was an experience of moving from one teacher in primary school to lots of teachers who never knew me well or understood my real potential. As a result of not being known, my performance dipped from year 6 to year 7.

At GA, our unique year 7 invests in one teacher really getting to know each child’s progress for 40% of their timetable. This teacher gets to know each of their students really well, brings high expectations, and sets high standards of presentation, skill, and accuracy in their work. The year 7 curriculum is driven by great literacy and includes aspects of geography, history, oracy, thinking skills, and religious studies. Along with English lessons, this means that there is a high proportion of lessons with a literacy focus. Each child has a dedicated maths and science specialist teacher.

When I was in year 7, we got ‘lost’ around the school, and it was a scary experience. At GA, our year 7s are situated as a year group in one base supported by a great team of staff. This helps give our youngest students confidence to settle in and grow through the school. Our senior students and sixth formers also mentor and help year 7s with reading and writing.

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