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Riverdale Review


The TV series ‘Riverdale’ is ravenous and exciting. It is full of murder, romance and mystery. Although, I would recommend that under 13 year olds don’t watch it because it can be very inappropriate in some scenes. However, it is a very good show.

Viewers do have many questions like “Will a Jarchie kiss happen?” and “Is the black hood still out there?” Another question is “Will Choni going to happen?”

In my opinion, the show is a 5/5 because it is very interesting and addictive. Riverdale keeps you on your feet at all times, wondering what will happen next. Who will be killed? Will they breakup, will they go out, or even will Dark Betty make a comeback?

If you want to be kept on your toes, go and watch Riverdale!

Written by Chelsea and Amelia

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