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Every Learner Counts: Adapting to the Needs of Our Learners

17 October 2019
Every Learner Counts: Adapting to the Needs of Our Learners

Throughout my time in education, I have always felt that schools should adapt to meet the needs of their students — not the other way around. When a school faces challenges in behaviour and attainment, a frank and honest assessment of that school’s provision, and the structure of its delivery, must be made.

As part of our assessment of Gloucester Academy, it is important for us to gain a full understanding of our students’ needs, as well as their challenges and successes. This understanding will help us make the changes necessary to move forward and continue on the path to improvement.

In an earlier blog, I discussed how we are redesigning our curriculum to better meet the learning styles and skills of our students. This is an example of how we, as a school, are working to adapt our provision to improve the learning experience of our students.

As with all matters relating to school improvement, the best time to act is now. It is our aim to be proactive in making the changes needed to deliver a school offering that serves the students of today as well as those in the future.

We are currently conducting our own internal assessments on how best to achieve this, but at the same time we are consulting with the wider learning community. As a member of The White Horse Federation, we are fortunate to count a broad variety of experts among our extended learning family. By jointly reviewing the fundamental challenges facing all teachers, we are able to access the requisite expertise and identify the most effective solutions before adapting them to suit the circumstances here at Gloucester Academy.

At GA, we are also implementing common measures by which all teaching staff can reflect upon the quality of their work. This encourages collective reflection and a collaborative approach to making internal improvements within a supportive and productive environment. By doing this, we will better identify what does and doesn’t work for our students.

No change worth making happens overnight, and adapting our methods to best meet the needs of our learners will be a continual process. The support of parents and our school community will prove important over the coming weeks and months as we strive to make Gloucester Academy better suited to our students.

I welcome anyone with ideas or feedback on how we can adapt to get in touch and share their thoughts. To do so, please call the school on 01452 428800 or contact us via email at

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