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Making Gloucester Academy a Great Environment for Learning

3 October 2019
Making Gloucester Academy a Great Environment for Learning

I believe that an outstanding education begins with the creation of a great environment for learning. To establish Gloucester Academy as a school of excellence, we must make sure the environment that pervades our school is one that is conducive to learning.

This environment must provide students with the opportunities they need to develop their skills and pursue their interests. However, it must also act as a structure for their learning and enforce a culture that the students are proud to be part of.

As a school, one of our current priorities is to ensure that all students at Gloucester Academy take pride in upholding the standards of our school. This starts by my colleagues and I communicating clearly with our students about what is expected of them. It is then our responsibility to motivate our students to actively promote and enshrine our values within the school.

Throughout the start of this academic school year, we have been negotiating and setting ground rules with students about acceptable behaviour, reminding them of their responsibilities, and justifying the rules we have in place and reaffirming the values that inspired them.

I want to instil a very proactive approach to developing an excellent learning environment. When it comes to the behaviour of our students, this means not just responding to inappropriate behaviour; it means creating a culture that encourages positive behaviour as the norm. In doing so, we discourage students from acting inappropriately and empower their peers to condemn such behaviour, creating a self-regulating school society.

As we proceed with implementing and enforcing the standards expected of our students, we recognise the importance of partnerships with parents in helping us to create a great environment for learning. With your support, we can develop this environment to benefit every student at Gloucester Academy.

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