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Setting Out a Path for Improvement

19 September 2019
Setting Out a Path for Improvement

Under my leadership, Gloucester Academy will be a school that is continually striving to make improvements. Whether that means refining our curriculum, attaining better exam results, or upgrading our teaching staff, we will be searching for areas that can be enhanced.

To establish an environment of continual improvement, an initial plan must be developed and implemented. One of the many benefits Gloucester Academy receives by being part of The White Horse Federation is access to some of the finest minds in education as well as their experience and expertise. They are a great source of knowledge for our school, and one that I plan to utilise regularly.

I have recently been consulting with staff, parents, community members, trustees, and colleagues from across The White Horse Federation to gain a sense of what is needed to set Gloucester Academy on the path to improvement. Their insight and perspective has further informed my understanding of what is needed and what is currently taking place.

One area that enthuses me in particular is the progress made in the redesigning of Gloucester Academy’s curriculum.The new-look curriculum is a blended offering that accommodates learners of all kinds. This will be explored further in my next blog post, entitled ‘Developing a Curriculum That Helps Our Students Succeed’.

The impetus behind improvement at Gloucester Academy will come from our senior leadership team. Our SLT has a clear vision that will be implemented reliably and skillfully by our tremendous teaching staff. However, if improvements are to take place rapidly and continually, a communal effort is required.

At Gloucester Academy, we see our parents as partners in the success of our school and their children. Everyone must work together, constructively, to apply changes and maintain the school’s progression in the right direction.

As always, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with any parent or member of our school community who has ideas about potential areas of improvement at GA. To get in touch, please contact the school on 01452 428800 or via email at

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