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June 20, 2016

Primary Day of Languages

Over the past year the MFL team have been working hard to support the teaching of foreign languages in local primary schools. It was our pleasure to welcome Year 5 from Abbey Mead Primary school to the academy on Friday 17th June for a day of puppetry in languages. All students had a great time creating songs and sock puppets to record a small film reviewing the things that they had been taught in French this year. I was very impressed with the energy and engagement which the students displayed and the end result is still making me smile! Year 5 worked so hard and showed a great deal of...
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My name is Kristian Miko and I am a year 10 student in Aquila House. I moved to Gloucester from Newcastle this year and started my education at Gloucester academy in January. When I started I didn’t do very well in school because I didn’t go to my lessons and a few times I got into trouble with the teachers. My learning was poor.  Gloucester academy seemed very different to my old school in Newcastle. I watched lots of students working hard and noticed a few who did not. I realised that my future would not be very good unless I changed and started learning and going to my lessons....
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