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Another Day

Another day is over

The writings on the wall

It’s time to stop reflecting on

The dreams that made me stand so tall

Now I’m fully awake

And I’m standing on my feet

From now until tomorrow

The sun will be much colder

Than the ones within my dreams


I love you so much that it hurts

I feel pain in my heart

I never knew that love would leave me

Standing alone in the dark

Now I’m feeling so empty

And there’s nothing left to say

So as you leave I’ll smile and wave

Then turn so you don’t see

My tear, stained face


So come a little closer

Please hold my hand once more

I’m scared to branch out on my own

It hurts to know you’ve closed the door

And I’ll take it upon myself

To recall what we once had

But when I look and you’re not there

I’ll hold my breath, fight back the tears

Then turn so you don’t see,

My tear stained face.


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